Meet Quinlan of QMULATIVE

"Friends always wanted the latest color way I figured, if I could translate that appeal over to product, it'd definitely be worth a shot!"

Meet Quinlan, visionary behind the lifestyle movement, QMULATIVE. Known best for his appliqués and avant-garde involvement around town, he strives to embody said brand in every sense of the term! 
Since learning how to sew from his grandmother in the spring of 2013, what was once an online feed rooted in the automotive scene, music, skateboarding and the arts - has evolved into a unique agency of sorts. his initiative and consistency have allowed Quinlan to come full circle and go from just attending a trade show in Los Angeles as an intern, to exhibiting at one amongst some of the region's heavy hitters, streetwear, crossing disciplines, educating the consumer and remaining an avid student of the industry. 
At age 28, the Tucson native thrives off both aesthetic and function; frequently sewing on-site at markets because of the interactive experience it offers. 
"My favorite project to date was tailoring a new, tangible identity for local non-profit, Walk With, on their journey to fund the construction of a multi-faceted community center down in Guatemala!"